The Daily Blurgh: Satanic real estate, erotic math, breast milk


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Education/Sex/Film/Art: UC Berkeley math prof produces and stars in Matthew Barney-like cinematic tribute to Yukio Mishima, has sex on screen to Wagner.


LGBT/Crime: SF Appeal investigates "hook-up violence" against LGBT folks. Part two is here. Peeps, be safe out there this Pride season!


Brains/Jobs: SF ranked "smartest" city in the US. Maybe the critical mass of advance degree holders is why it's still hard to get a job.


TV/Econ: "The fictional high school chorus at the center of Fox’s Glee has a huge problem — nearly a million dollars in potential legal liability. For a show that regularly tackles thorny issues like teen pregnancy and alcohol abuse, it’s surprising that a million dollars worth of lawbreaking would go unmentioned. But it does, and week after week, those zany Glee kids rack up the potential to pay higher and higher fines."


Local Media: The Bay Area can expect to welcome another local media start-up, The Berkeley Times, come this fall.


Art/Food/Sex: "We had this idea – someone wanted to take our portrait – and I thought it would be funny if we did Riccardo drinking milk from my breasts. Because that’s really what it is, we feed each other. We’re family."


Satan/Real Estate: The Richmond District's Satanic past!


Transit/Life: Take a ride in the front seat:

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