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I want my LGBTV! Prop 8 Trial closing arguments will not be televised.


Andrei Tarkovsky made a whole lotta gorgeous films. He also took a whole lotta gorgeous Polaroids.  (Thanks Boing Boing).


Mea Culpa: Sirron Norris offers this sincere, respectful open letter in regard to the mural dispute at 22nd and Mission. Whatever your opinion of his art, there is no denying that the man is all class.


On the radar: The Bay Citizen previews the new, new media arts fest, City Centered, which kicks off in the Tenderloin starting tomorrow.


UC librarians to Nature Publishing Group: We aren't gonna take it!


Speaking of libraries, the British Library has acquired all the papers of the late, great SF author J.G. Ballard. Lucky them.


Cute overlords: Baby animals at the SF Zoo!

"Oh, I'm a singer/ You're a whore!" (NSFW, duh):

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