The Daily Blurgh: Debauched Pride memories, extreme dog makeovers


Curiosities, quirks, oddites, and items from around the Bay and beyond

Local, notable queers reminisce about their first Pride experiences.


A breakdown of Berkeley's food Meccas.


The Kardashian bikini paradox. Mind-blowing.


A guide for those who don't know squat about the World Cup (but were afraid to ask).


I, Hoarder: A Washington Post writer comes out of the clutter closet.


Streetsblog debates "accessibility" versus "mobility" as a human right.


The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend, but if you dare to get sucked into Chronologically LOST you just might wind up housebound. As the project's super-ambitious/freak genius creator writes:

"Chronologically LOST is a project I have undertaken to present the show LOST in its entirety in chronological order.  That means taking every flashback, flash forward, and flash sideways, extracting them from the present day storyline, and creating one big timeline, that starts with the earliest flashbacks of the island, and goes through all the way to the end of the series in...well, I guess the end doesn't really have a specific date."


I've always wanted a fluffy dog... so I could dye it to look like another animal?!?!


And just because it's Friday:

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