The Daily Blurgh: Frat douches, crank callers, Marx on soccer


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Meg Whitman's son is an asshat (surprised?).


City passes moibile phone radiation law. As if you didn't already know that your iThing was going to cause ear cancer.


Report finds that UC Berkeley mishandled the police response to student protests in November. This wouldn't be the first time.


People have too much time on their hands: "Prosecutors say 53-year-old Kurtis Thorsted broadcast more than four dozen hoax distress signals over six months in 2008, costing the Coast Guard more than $102,000 for attempted searches. Thorsted pleaded guilty to broadcasting the "mayday" calls from his Salinas home and telling would-be rescuers he was stranded in an offshore kayak."


Terry Eagleton on soccer is no where near as fun as Roland Barthes on wrestling.


Speaking of the World Cup, that buzzing sound you keep hearing during matches isn't an incoming swarm of killer bees. Rather, its your new favorite spelling bee challenge: the vuvuzela.


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