The Daily Blurgh: Corpse flower is not a '90s Goth band


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I would love to hear what Judge Judy would say to the Petaluma mother who, passed out after drinking tequila, let her 2-year-old daughter wander out of her house. Barefoot. Oy.

Where exactly is the Tenderloin?

These are the people in your neighborhood: Mythbusters host Adam Savage has moved to the Mission.

"Porn is like sausage, it tastes better when you don't see how it's made." Thankfully, SFBG alum Josh Rotter went to a local, ahem, sausage factory so you wouldn't have to.

I hope this sort of thing never happens in San Francisco.

Even if it didn't have such a fucking cool name, you should still check out the rare Corpse Flower at the UC Botanical Garden. It's supposed to be in full bloom around July 1st, but will only stay open for a day or two.

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