Here's your big gay homo-cone with sprinkles, sugar: a lickable listicle

Lick it up, kitty. Lick. It. Up.

Alas, we have no year-round Big Gay Ice Cream Truck like they do in the Big Apple. But, as SFist alerted us today (via Haighteration), our own beloved zany-zygote Three Twins Creamery has gone all light in its scoopers for Pride weekend, Fri-Sun offering such lavender lickers as "Rainbow/Gay Sherbet, Pink Triangle ('a fruity chocolate base with pink chocolate triangles'), Pride Vanilla, Hot Cookie ('with cookies from the Castro’s favorite cookie shop'), Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ('vanilla ice cream with blueberry dessert from military rations mixed in'), Rice Milk Harvey Milk and Cookies, and Salted Nuts." Plus, well, lavender.

Sounds delish. And we have some more ideas.

As SFist editor Brock Keeling suggests, why not "Juanita More Dulce de Leche Please? Sondheim 'God That's Good' Swirl? Bambi Lake's Butterscotch Stain?" Here's our own list of confection suggestions named for notable local homos, beyond Ms. Milk:

Anise Conda
Bevan Marshmallow Fluffty
Carole Migdenscotch
Dan Chipoletta
Mark Praline-o
Tom Amaretto
Clevanilla Jones
Donna Sorbet
The Choclettes
Harry Britt and Nut
Armistead Brownie
Dustin Lance Blackberry
The Sisters of Perpetual Indul-Mint
Cookies and Cream and Phyl and Del
Jose Sa-ripple I, the Strawberry Norton
Brockolate Keeling


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