Anticuchos and picarones spice up Festival de Comida Peruana


Anywhere you go in the world, people like to eat. This weekend there were a lot of people in the Civic Center doing just that, but they were all eating Peruvian food.

There were abuelitas slurping down huge bowls of steaming soup, and kids chowing down on anticuchos (grilled meat on a stick) and piping hot picarones (Peruvian doughnuts made with pumpkin and sweet potatoes). Beyond the large amounts of food and huge lines, there was also live entertainment to enjoy, including salsa music and traditional Peruvian dancing. Being the first annual Festival de Comida Peruana, it was impressive to see such a large and enthusiastic turn out. It seemed like everyone had a great time, and no one, I suspect, left with an empty stomach. Buen provecho!

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