Start your engines for the Chiselers!

Chiselers, ready to rumble.

Sure, sure — you love your Prius. Or your fixie-skateboard-rollerblades-scooter-Clipper pass. But there's something awfully rock n' roll about a muscle car, especially one that's been lovingly restored to roarin'-around-town condition.

Sat/7, local auto fanatics Chiselers Car Club host their first annual Chiselers Car Club Blowout — "blowout" in this context referring to a raucous party, of course, not a tire gone haywire. Revelers are encouraged to "bring your pre '75 pimped-ass ride" (bikes are also welcome); the carless can gawk all they want. Arrive during the daytime hours (starts at 4 p.m., free) to check out the cars, scarf some barbecue, and listen to classic tunes by the Ramshackle Romeos, a two-man group incorporating an array of strange instruments, including the ever-haunting musical saw.

Stick around for the night show (starts at 8 p.m., $10), featuring the pop-punk Clorox Girls (one of those all-dude bands with "Girls" in their name), punk-punk Complaints, and the sassy, garage-y Midnite Snaxxx, whose MySpace "sounds like" is "making out with a burrito." What's not to love?

Chiselers Car Show Blowout

Sat/7, 4 p.m., free-$10

Thee Parkside

1600 17th St, SF