For sale: Panhandle Bandshell


If you're an environmentally minded lover of the arts who wants to start hosting cool gatherings on your property, have we got a centerpiece for you! Remember the Panhandle Bandshell? That was the temporary performance venue that a group of local artists built from old car hoods and other recycled materials back in 2007. And now, for the right price, it can be yours.

“It's a classic bandshell and the ideal use is for community to gather and performers to do their things,” says Will Chase of Finch Mob, which collaborated on the project with Rebar and CMG Landscape Architecture. “If people are interested in recycling and reuse, this is a great example of that in action.”

After its initial (slightly controversial) run on the Panhandle in the summer of 2007, where it hosted regular performances, the bandshell has been more recently been on display at Fort Mason, from where it must be removed by Oct. 8.

Its artist-owners have the opportunity now to move it out to Treasure Island, either for storage or display, but first they wanted to see whether a private party would want to give it a more permanent home. They're hoping to pull down around $30,000 for the piece, which they'll pour into other projects, so make them an offer if you're interested. Contact info and details on the piece can be found on their website.