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Supwitchugirl: Eugene sex symbols?

There are sports fans who watch every game, know all the stats, own all the gear, take it upon themselves to achieve championship-level drunk status upon every win and loss their team achieves -- and then there are real sports fans. Those are the guys that cobble together high-quality parodic hip-hop videos with their buddies that become their football team's anthem and Youtube blockbusters, getting them flown around the country to perform -- and getting star-struck coeds to swoon at the tailgate.

That'd be Jamie Slade, Brian McAndrew, and Michael Bishop, whose Supwitchugirl team starred in and edited the Eugene, Oregon party anthems "I Love My Ducks" and "I Love My Ducks (Return of the Quack)," as well as a host of other tunes dedicated to frat juicin' brobots and bathroom water conservation -- even at the price of party foul.  Lucky us, SFBG had the inside line on these young bucks and got Jamie Slade, the group's tallest member with its curliest hair, to email with us about ways you can be the ultimate Ducks fan at the team's championship title run on Mon/10 against Auburn University -- or front like you are, at least.


San Francisco Bay Guardian: What's the most important thing that someone unacquainted with them should know about the Oregon Ducks' season this year?

Jamie Slade: This is Oregon's very first run at the national title and last year was the first year since 1995 we went to the Rose Bowl so both this year and last year are monumental years for Duck football history. That's why Oregon has been getting so much hype lately on TV -- that and head coach Chip Kelly has only lost three games in his whole career -- which has only been two years, but it's still very impressive.


SFBG: An all-purpose line to make yourself sound like a real fan?



SFBG: The season highlight? Lowlight?

JS: The season highlight was beating Tennessee. They're in the SEC conference, which is known for being the best conference, historically, in college football. Also, beating Oregon State and solidifying our spot in the national championship game. Also the Stanford game, they're now the best one-loss team in the nation and WE beat them. They just won their bowl game which makes us look GOOD. Lowlight? I guess the Cal game where we only won by two points when we were favored to win by 30-plus.


SFBG: How can you tell who the Ducks fans are?

JS: We have the loudest stadium in college football -- literally, the decibels in Autzen Stadium have been recorded as louder than a fighter jet taking off and that isn't because of how the stadium is engineered and built, it's because we yell our asses off. Duck fans are loud and will be happy to yell in your face if you're an opposing fan.


SFBG: Have you met the team? Which player made the biggest impression on you and why?

JS: Yeah we've met the team, well most of the players at least. Two players that have been really nice to us has been DJ Davis, our wide receiver and defensive end Kenny Rowe. DJ Davis is just an all-around nice guy with a really sincere personality and Kenny Rowe is a really funny dude. Every time I see him he always says "Man, I wanna be just like you" even though he leads the Pac-10 in sacks and is a menace on the field.


SFBG: How'd Supwitchu Girl get together? What was the first video you guys made?

JS: We met in the dorms. Michael and Brian have been longtime friends and I met them when I was on the Oregon track team my freshmen year. Because of Saturday practices I would stay in the dorms on Friday nights and Michael and Brian coincidentally stayed in as well and our personalities just clicked. Our first video is called "Just Don't Flush It" and it's a music video about water conservation. It was an inside joke at first about how Brian would never flush the toilet in our tiny apartment during our senior year. 


SFBG: Are you super stars in Eugene at this point? 

JS: We're more sex symbols if anything, Caitlin. Just kidding haha. I wouldn't say we are super stars at all -- we get recognized just because the video is so popular but we don't get star treatment or anything, we still had to go to school and do everything else every other student has to go through. Sometimes people say "Hey are you that "I Love My Ducks" guy?" and I say yes...but we are so much more than JUST the "I Love My Ducks" guys.


SFBG: Do you have plans to extend your reign of terror to other college towns?

JS: NO. We are die-hard Duck fans. That's where we find inspiration for these songs...out of true emotion and love for this team.


SFBG: Future video plans? Or are you done with the UO scene now that you're graduating?

JS: Yep we have a video coming out after the BCS game called "Pogs" and it is about that childhood fad of throwing Pogs and slammers etc. Should be funny. But we all plan on travelling for a few months and reconvening afterwards to figure out what our next step will be.


SFBG: What line from your songs do you hear people repeat the most?

JS: From the first song: "Holy Moly, is that my boy Masoli?" From the second song: "Eatin chips 'n' dip with the brain Chip Kelly!"


You can yell your ass off (or get yelled at in your face) with the rest of the Oregon fans at The Independent (628 Divisadero, SF., which will be playing the national championship game on their pull-down movie screen.

BCS National College Football Championship Game: University of Oregon vs. Auburn University

Mon/10 5:30 PST, FOX Sports


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