Live Shots: Circus Center's New Pickle Circus, JCCSF, 01/22/2011


It seems that whenever I go to the circus, I leave the show wanting to join the circus. And I'm not talking about the desire to perfect my juggling skills or become an expert in improvised clowning. My circus ambitions lie in the urge to become a trapeze artist. That should be pretty easy, right?

If you happened to see the Circus Center's New Pickle Circus this past weekend at the Jewish Community Center, you probably left the show with the same feeling.

What it really comes down to is that these gymnasts make it look so darn easy and downright doable, that it's impossible not to want to be part of it. I mean, who doesn't want to do three back flips in a row? Ok, I'll stop gushing.

There were many other fabulous acts, that were also quite noteworthy. These included the Steve Martin look-a-like bubble man, who at one point actually stuck his hand into one of his soapy weightless spheres, and a pair of goofball clowns, that always seemed to be mopping up some mess on the stage. I also really loved the disco roller skate duo, complete with star-shaped glasses and skintight shiny bell bottoms.

Making its debut in the mid-'70s in San Francisco, the players of Pickle Family Circus are true veterans in the art of laughter and fun. They know how the circus works and you're guaranteed a good time whenever you go see them. An outing to the circus is always so freeing and it's never a bad time, unless you're five and afraid of clowns (that used to be me). So what are you waiting for? Let's go join the circus.