Live Shots: Edwardian Ball, Regency Ballroom, 01/22/2011


Photos by Erik Anderson

Edwardian Ball 2011: a journey into the abyss, the unknown, the festering macabre just inches from the surface of everyday society. You know what it is to which we refer -- where the hell are these people getting their costumes? The truly creative -- the guy whose head was encased in a glass globe filled with swimming goldfish counts and DJ Miz Margo's eye-gouged baby doll stunner among them -- surely made their own, but a trek beneath the ball's crowded main floor revealed the secrets behind the mystery behind the enigma.

Yep, the vendors. Because if you were looking for extravagant millinery, feather implants, perhaps a multi-tiered carnival-gypsy-ballroom gown, it was all there for the well-moneyed and dapper among us. Though the Vau de Vire Society's stun-tacular performance of Gorey's The Eleventh Episode looped and somersaulted overhead, the bustling marketplace below spoke more about the true frippery-focused soul of the evening's Edwardians. Looking for a place to wear that mink skull hair fascinator? Never fear, the Tim Burton Ball lurks just around the corner.