Live Shots: 7th Annual Black Choreographers Festival, ODC Theater, 02/16/2011


I believe it's almost everyone's dream to be able to fly and for some, it is a reality. I stopped by ODC Theater this week to check out a final rehearsal of a dance piece choreographed by Raissa Simpson and actually got to watch her fly across the stage. OK, she was actually attached to cables, but there was still quite a bit of airborne action going on, and to be honest, it made me a little jealous.

This weekend, ODC is hosting the Black Choreographers Festival, which brings together a smorgasbord of dance talent, in celebration of African and African-American traditions and culture. And, from what I saw during rehearsal, it's bound to be a vibrant and exciting show. There was not only an element of theater and drama in Simpson's piece, but also an awesome hot pink prom dress that one of the dancers was sporting. So go get your fill of perfect pirouettes and fabulous flexion, You won't regret a minute of it.

7th Annual Black Choreographers Festival: Here & Now
Feb. 17-19, 8pm and Feb. 20, 7pm
351 Shotwell, SF.