5 Things: February 23, 2011

Pretty sure that both Olsen twins could fit in that hat from their Fashion Week collection

Each day, our editors pick five (or so) things that might interest you

>>1. LIBYA LIP Yep, someone in Egypt named their child "Facebook" in apparent appreciation of the epic timesuck/regime toppler. And over in Libya, both Shepard Fairey and Anonymous are paving revolutionary pop cultural inroads. But while we fretted over the delicate humanity of the brave protesters standing up to the threat of Gaddafi's hired mercenaries (and weird facial hair), one guy's sign really summed it all up for us:

BONUS and just as we were writing, this came through:

>>2. FUR HOUSE We were so busy being fascinated by international happenings that we totally missed snarking on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's collection for The Row at New York Fashion Week. Turns out it's pretty dang good, though. (And worry not, the fur's fake.)

>>3. EARLY ONLYS In this week's issue of the paper, Kim Chun writes about Tim Cohen, a songwriter for local-gone-bigtime pop janglists The Fresh and Onlys. That group's next EP doesn't some out until April 26, but the lovely and subdued new number "Do You Believe in Destiny" leaked yesterday to blogs, and it sounds great as the sun rises. Could it be because Cohen's writes mostly in the wee hours?

>>4. PURPLE ADORE So the verdict from many of our Facebook friends was that "Adore" was the highlight of the Prince concert(s). Seconded by the Carlos Santana guest spot? Or maybe the fact that all the bootleg vids of the Oakland Arena blowout have rapidly been purged off YouTube, a performance piece in itself ...

>>5. PERFECT DUCK SPLURGE LUNCH FOR TWO Two inches of duck pate (garnished with brandied currants) from Fatted Calf in Hayes Valley, a box of Carr's whole wheat crackers, two handfuls of chopped arugula, and a glass of Korbel Brut. The whole thing should run you about $20. Have a picnic in your living room.