Spa steals

From cuke masks to infinity pools, spas that'll leave your coat silky and soft

Hey pretty! We had so much Renew Issue we couldn't fit it all in the paper today. So below, please find assembled some of the best ways to spa yourself in SF on the cheap. Because it's easier to enjoy a nice steam without watching one's rent money go up in smoke.


Nob Hill Spa 

Located in the classy Huntington Hotel, the price of this spa's treatments are not for the thrifty-at-heart. Luckily, Nob Hill makes its facilities available to the average bear for the relatively humble cost of $35 a day, so that even without paying hundreds of dollars to be wrapped in seaweed like a man-sized maki roll, one can enjoy the use of an indoor pool, steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, deck, work-out facility, tea service, and lounge mysteriously titled the “Zen Room.” Available Mon-Thurs, and on the weekends with a reservation.

1075 California, SF. (415) 345-2860,

The Hot Tubs

The Hot Tubs' water, according its website, is filtered once every six minutes, so you have little reason to worry – overmuch – about what your room's previous tenants were getting up to. Simple: private rooms with showers, redwood saunas and squeaky-clean hot tubs, $19.95 for one hour, with a free half-hour included if you wanna soak before 5 p.m. Difficult: finding a cozier spot for DIY massage.

2200 Van Ness, SF. (415) 441-8827,


Apotheca's motto is “spas are swell, but we are not a spa.” It doesn’t offer fluffy robes, or expect patrons to settle for fluffy service. there’s no luxe lounge or  bubbling hot tub, but there is a staff of certified message therapists and licensed estheticians who claim they’ll tailor a treatment just for you. Furthermore, there's a commitment to sustainability in Apotheca's products and services -- they'll even encourage you to take the bus, oh my! Facials start at $85 for 60 minutes, massages start at $80 for 40 minutes.

582 Marshall, SF. (415) 573-9077,

Imperial Day Spa 

With an atmosphere that's more YMCA than Club Med, this Korean wellness center offers a traditionally vigorous head-to-toe scrub-down followed by a milk-yogurt-cucumber moisturizing treatment and a shampoo that will set you back only $60 for 30 minutes and $90 for 80 minutes. Take advantage of the spot's assortment of Jacuzzis, showers, saunas, and steam rooms before your treatment and you’ll go forth into the world silky-smooth and shining. Pick up a facial mask infused with ginger, lemon, tomato, or potato (!) at the front counter when you check in – nothing says spa day like wearing vegetable-scented tissue paper on your face.

1875 Geary, SF. (415) 771-1114,

International Orange 

Named for the paint color on the Golden Gate Bridge, International Orange offers a full range of spa services, plus a light-drenched yoga studio, lounge, and redwood deck. This is the place to go for soft slippers, flavored water, and silky robes -- and while prices tend to reflect the fact that dried fruit and gourmet chocolate are available in the waiting area, International Orange offers a variety of specials and membership packages that help soothe the sub-cutaneous layer and the wallet alike. Check the website for the ever-changing specials and save up to 30 percent.

2044 Fillmore, SF. (415) 563-5000,

La Biang Thai Masssage

Traditional Thai massage includes stretching, yogic poses, reflexology, energy line work and pressure – lots and lots of pressure. But its proponents swear by the beating and for those who leave ‘Merican massage parlors longing for something a bit deeper, this may be your ticket. None of that tickle-and-feather stuff: this is intense, serious body work at a price that can’t be beat: $30 for 30 minutes, $55 for 60 minutes, and $105 for 120 minutes. 

1301 Polk, SF. (415) 931-7692,

Spa Vitale

A private penthouse infinity pool in a bamboo garden terrace laps sunset bathers with luxury. Sound spendy? Well at $60 for 25 minutes, this rooftop ritual is steep in more ways than one, but the view combined with scented water, herbal beverages, and cucumber cooling pack for the eyes, make this a nice excuse to fake it 'til you make it. 

3000 Bridgeway, Sausalito. (415) 331-1611,


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