5 Things: February 24, 2011


Each day, SFBG staff pick five (or so) things that might interest you

>>1. BEARING JOY A little while ago, a Potrero Hill resident took the concept of neighborhood watch to new (artistic) heights when he came across some brazen red graffiti scrawled across the side of the Cor-o-van building on 17th street near Texas. “I just got sick of looking at it,” the impromptu artist said.

His solution was to paint over the mess, and he admits that he “got a little carried away.” The stretch of corrugated steel now blooms with red flowers, an orange tree, a rabbit in a hole, and a family of posy-sniffing bears. The artist has been adding to his outdoor menagerie on select sunny days for a few weeks now, serenaded by IZ Kamakawiwo’ole’s “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” 

>>2. REFRESHING FACE SALAD A partial list of superfoods: lemon, ginger, tomato, potato. Delicious, all, and now available for your face. Imperial Spa sells facial masks infused with the aforementioned treats – we got tricked out in the tomato the other day during our 90-minute aromatic acupressure treatment and it left us feeling fresher than a chopped salad. If you're on a budget you can always sport the masks in the spa's cheap-to-use day facilities. 

>>3. HEBREW-HOP Four-DJ Israeli juggernaut Soulico is rolling into Public Works tonight. (It's free before 10:30 and only $5 after.) Soulico mostly teams up with quite famous US hip-hop acts like Lyrics Born, Rye Rye, and Ghostface Killah to produce a madly fun, well-produced hybrid of Israeli folk music and good-natured rap. But they also showcase some Israeli rappers that are little-known elsewhere, like Axum, whose hilarious and charmingly low-tech Soulico collab video below for "Pitnum Banu" makes us feel simultaneously hungry and stoned. Or something? Axum probably won't be on tour with Soulico, but we're hoping theyll brng their musical mischief (and may some good falafel) our way soon.

>>4. CINEMATIC MAPS If you haven't read Rebecca Solnit's amazing Infinite Cities, which reveals and collages hyperreal cartographies onto our Baghdad by the Bay (particular favorites: butter fly habitats vs. queer public spaces, the Third Street Phantom Coast, 2008 murder sites vs. 2009 Monterey Cypress growths) -- then you're in for a real alternative historical treat. Rebecca will be at the Red Vic tonight, helping raise money for another awesome project, Cinematic San Francisco, a "a multi-media event to address the past and future" of San Francisco's presence in the movies, and its dreamlike, projected presence in the imagination. Are we still a city of fantasies?

>>5. HELL FREEZES OVER So Zeitgeist has re-opened after its remodel, to raspy sighs of relief from every raggedy biker (and wannabe) from here to the Excelsior. The rapacious rumors of outdoor bathrooms have not yet born fruit -- though construction activity in the back of the patio against the building suggest that soon you'll have more options for emptying those pitchers out of your bladder -- but there is about 1,000 more beer taps now, in classy aisle formation behind the bar. HOWEVER by far the most exciting upgrade is the veggie burger the Zeit kitchen is now using – those things flirt with being an inch think! That's a lot of animal-free deliciousness. And hey, weirder things can happen.

Contributors: Emily Appelbaum, Caitlin Donohue, Marke B.