5 Things: March 1, 2011

The uniquely entrancing Mission: Cats mascot
This is the cat that will eat us all.

Each day, our editors pick five (or so) things that might interest you

>>1. FEEL THE HEAT Here is a map of downtown San Francisco's extensive underground steam delivery system.

>>2. BOARDING FELIX A new cat hotel "experience" is opening this month in the Mission -- Mission: Cats, natch. "Our facility is specifically designed for the cat adventure: from teetering wall ledges and looming cat towers to hidden cat nap caves and prime window frontage (sun bathing and bird watching included)." Yes, but what about true Mission adventure: saggy unwashed stretch-jean butt, recombinated fixies, and leftover "you know you're gonna still eat it" burritos? Goodness, Mission hipster jokes are tired. Bring on the kitties!

>>3. ASSANGE FEVER Well we've gone and missed Oakland Museum's Political Poster Jam, hellfire. Luckily, SF artist Eddie Colla has helpfully blogged about his contribution to the Fri/25 radical art-in, a stencil piece of Julian Assange™ surrounded by words like "information is power," "domino effect," and "freedom of speech." The museum also invited the Great Tortilla Conspiracy Theory and the SF Print Collective and we're officially blue about finding out about it after the fact. (h/t Demotix)

>>4. A RIOT, A QUEEN RIP Jane Russell, noted bombshell and bigot. In any case, at least this little number from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes proves that, no matter what, at least the closeted gay bodybuilders of the '50s still salute you. As did the queens in the fabulous recreation below of that very number, "Ain't There Anyone Here For Love," from a 2004 tribute at the Castro Theatre, starring drag chameleon Matthew Martin. Russell was in the audience, and, according to the event's organizer, Marc Huestis, she "thought it was a RIOT. What a SHOWGIRL she was."

>>5. HEY DJ or music producer or instrumentalis or vocalist or anyone at all interested in an all-expenses-paid month in Tokyo as part of the Red Bull Music Academy: have you sent in your application yet? If you want to know more about what it's all about, hit up this special orientation party on Monday, with Beats in Space DJ Tim Sweeney, analog synth and drum machine inventors Dave Smith and Roger Linn, and RBMA Academy alum B. Bravo. It starts at Public Works and then moves to SOM for extra dancing and hobnobbin'. Should be a real who's who of Bay Area talent.