Noise Pop Live Shots: robbinschilds at SF MOMA, 02/24/2011


The fact that there was a dance performance going on as part of the annual music festival Noise Pop, was unique in and of itself, but then it was happening at the SF MOMA, and I knew I had to go check it out.

The dance group robbinschilds is a pop-color-clad duo who mix video, dance, live music, and even a little sumo-wrestling, to create experimental performances that also use the specific space where they're happening, in this case, the SF MOMA. So at one point, there were just videos up on three walls, then the dancers were passing a huge rainbow tassel between levels of galleries, and then they were right in front of us, stripping off their clothes and gyrating uncontrollably. They were backed by a live Seattle noise band called Kinski, that was well, very noisy.

There was a second dance show at the MOMA that was a presentation by Russian artist Anna Parkina, who is also having a collage show upstairs in the galleries. Her piece was a mixture of paper cutting and movement, using projections of the collages she has made and moving human sculptures to create a living art piece.

Both dance shows were completely unique, and I like that Noise Pop is venturing beyond music and collaborating with a variety of artists to bring us odd and wonderful shows, like these two.