5 Things: March 3, 2011

Detail of a work by Bahama kangaroo

Each day, our staff picks five (or so) things we think might interest you

>>1. SUSHI FROM SPACE "U. F. T Ume Fried Tai: fried red snapper in u.f.o shaped sushi served with balsamic raspberry sauce"

>>2. HOP TO IT Bahama Kangaroo. That's the ace sometime-moniker of Yukako Ezoe, along with her husband, Naoki Onodera. It's also the title of Ezoe's new art show, opening tonight at Kokoro Studio at 682 Geary St, SF. The fact that two of Ezoe's main influences are John Audobon and animation and color master Yokoo Tadanori is enough to convey her uniqueness, but it only hints at her playful deployment of fabric, paint, and even metal (she also makes jewelry). Ezoe is one of those rare people who can party hearty in the most fun ways at night, help the likes of Larkin Street Youth Services and Precita Eyes during the day, and still find time to do her own work. She's a wonder, and her opening -- for a series of self-portraits that are a definite change in terms of in subject matter -- should be a blast.

Yukako Ezoe at work on a children's mural in 2006

>>3. ZION I LOVE YOU Oh Zion I, dreamiest hip hop group in the Bay Area: you've already organized your fans into mass meditation sessions, released seven albums of beats so good you almost forget the lyrics laid over them are uplifting as well, and you're really hot. Now you're donating ticketing fees to a community circus arts program? The group's upcoming Fillmore show with the Grouch (Sat/19) benefits the Inner Sunset's Acrosports  program, teaching 18-monthers through adults how to tumble with grace. Word on the street is the school's capoeira squad will take the stage at the Fillmore between songs from the crew's dope new album, Heroes in the Healing of the Nation. We're listening to our press copy right now, and “I Used to be a Vegan,” plus the tracks featuring Los Rakas, Brother Ali, and Silk E ... ah, sogood. (Check the new sound with the Grouch here.)

>>4. HOMESTEAD SWEET HOMESTEAD Did you know that that the phrase Urban Homesteading™ has been copyrighted? (It's kind of a big scandal). Ploughing those trademarks aside, why not indulge in the spit-and-polish DIY ethics of How-to Homestead's "11 in 11 Tour"? Each month, the resourceful website is visiting one of SF's neighborhoods -- there are apparently 11! -- and thrwing a gaggle of workshops in handicrafts, mending, urban agriculture, and more -- plus potlucks and occasional squaredancing! On Sat/5 they'll be near the Castro at the Harvey Milk recreation Center in Duboce Park, where surely we hope there's a live demo of this important Castro-related information:

>>5. LES VAGUES BLANCHES Bay Area producer extraordinaire Jason Quever trades slackness for varied arrangements and sings expressively on this lovely moment from the new Papercuts LP: