5 Things: March 4, 2011

Kirk sez to fish a monkey face eel all's you need is a golf course flag and a dream

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>>MONKEY MAN We can count on one hand the email newsletters we get that are an actual thrill to see sitting unopened in our inbox, and Kirk Lombard's is one of them. Lombard knows every. Thing. There is to know about Bay Area fishes (he's a world champion monkeyface eel fisherman and runs urban angling classes outta ForageSF that are an absolute gas to attend): identifying them, catching them sustainably, eating them, respecting their majesty. He's got a dope blog, but his recent March newsletter clued us into these aquatic happenings: the spirinchus starski is jumpin', California halibut season is starting (rent a kayak, Lombard says, for optimal fishing of these guys), and a list of items you might not guess would make servicible monkeyface eel fishing poles: a paint-roller extender or golf course flag.

Guanajuato: let the tequila take you

>>DEJA THAT AGAVE If you've harbored a mad hankering for Guanajuatan food -- washed down with well over 150 tequilas -- then head to Tres, formerly known as Tres Agaves, which reopened March 3. The joint's been redone to make it a little cozier for diners, who used to jostle with drinkers. The menu's getting a remodel, too -- chef Kelvin Ott is expanding beyond Jalisco, to explore the cuisines of Michoacan, Guanajuato, Nayarit and Tamaulipas. Bonus: Happy hour prices are running at all hours of operation through Tues/8: $5 fresh lime margaritas, $3 Mexican draft beers, and $2 chicken, pork al pastor, or rajas tacos. Did we mention tequila?

>>PILLOW TALK Last chance to snuggle up to needlepoint pillows depicting JFK's assassination and convenience store holdups, on view at Jack Fischer Gallery through Sat/5. Are they more inappropriate than the dirty pillows by Kevin L. Muth or Ethan Maxx  -- "The extra X means fun!" -- in the window of Chi Chi LaRue's West Hollywood vanity shop? You decide.

>>HELLA BOOKS, HELLA CHEAP That's what they're calling it, and it says it all. Get hella books hella cheap at the Adobe Books sidewalk sale, Sat/5, 11am-2pm. There will be snacks, and records will be played. Score some fresh spring reading -- hopefully fresher than "hella."

>>NO BONES ABOUT IT Back in 2007, we talked about contemporary art and pop culture's love of skulls, and the cranial passion has carried on, thanks to the likes of Technicolor Skull, Kenneth Anger's band (!) with Brian Butler, featuring the octogenarian filmmaker on theremin. Instead of a Technicolor skull, the cover art for the debut album by Swedish noise attackers Black Bug -- created by San Francisco musician and designer Nathan Berlinguette  -- presents a Necco-tinted one. Sweet!