5 Things: March 7, 2011

Believe it: feathers are the new raccoon tails

Each day our staff picks five (or so) things we think might interest you

>>FLY AWAY DOLO Well, we called it – feather extensions have officially blown up. The trend hit Dolores Park this weekend, when extension mavens Featherluxe set up shop for parkside hair flairing Saturday afternoon. Check the group's Facebook page for news on when they'll be back for more.

>>FREE LEARNIN' The Free University of San Francisco's regular classes are starting up yesterday and tomorrow at Viracocha. The five-week courses that you can check out today include Bobby Coleman's “History and Political Poetry,” John Smalley's “Intro to Western Music: From Hildegaard to Handel,” and “The Essential Plato and Aristotle” with Elena Granik. Word on the street is that Chuck Sperry's rock poster class yesterday killed it. 

>>SEGREGATION SUCKS Friday's SF Bike Party #3 was generally regarded as the most epic ride for the nascent bike movement yet, winding through the backroads of Bayview to arrive at Candlestick Point's desktop pattern-worthy pier on the bay. But the 300-person roll-out was nearly derailed by a couple of cops that stopped the bikers at the top of the gnarly hill atop Kiska street. “You kids shouldn't be out here, there's lots of drive-bys in this area.” Now, we're all cool with public safety, but really coppers? Are we concerned about a 300-strong gang jumping out of house and holding the ride hostage? Segregation sucks. 


"Sheenin'" by Weirdo. He makes the rest of the artists look like droopy-eyed, armless children. (Not really, but that's our favorite line from the Sheen screed. Go to 4:10 if you've been living under a rock for the past month)

>>BIG, CRAZY ART Dope group art show alert: “Stand Tall,” which has taken over the front room of Lake Merrit's Old Crow Tattoo and features nine by three foot panels by 60 local artists who dabble in the more “contemporary urban” art side of things. Yeah, we hate the term too, help us out with a better one. Even better, if you catch a panel you really like, get it permanently written on your flesh in Old Crow's back room by one of their super-talented inksters, who also have great portfolios of subcutaneous scribblings hanging on the walls if “Stand Tall” isn't enough art for you in one sitting.  

>>... AND ART TO DIE FOR Loved To Death, the Upper Haight goth shop where taxidermied squirrels, peacocks, and rams keep an eye on you while you shop, is presenting its first solo art show in its upstairs Articulated Gallery this month. Entitled “Raise your tiny paws to heaven...” the show features a collection of Victorian-themed dioramas made with dollhouse furniture and, you guessed it, delicately stuffed birds and mice. Some of the critters are dressed in military uniforms, others are cloaked in black lace, and each is frozen in an imaginary moment in time in an ornate, meticulously designed world within a box. The show runs through April 8.