5 Things: March 10, 2011

Someone wants you to sharpen his pencil...

>>1. LEVANTA, GENTE! Apparently we're not the only students dipping into our beer funds to pay for classes – shit is hitting the fan again on the University of Puerto Rico campus, where the boricuas that shut down 11 university branches last spring are now fighting a new $800 student fee that kept 10 percent of their classmates home this term. Here in our country we're still sitting on our asses more or less, but it's the winter of si se puede (translated into Arabic, French, and Berber) – start marching to beat of the global drum at the Bay's world solidarity for PR event, tomorrow (Fri/11) at 4:30 p.m. at the 24th street BART station. Live plena and bomba music included.

>>2. PERFECT FOR LEPRECHAUNS WHO'VE BROKEN THEIR FOSSIL FUEL DEPENDENCY The Naked Bike Ride and the city's uniquely gay-friendly St. Patrick's Day parade have the potential to cross paths this year. Please oh please oh please. 

>>3. GET SCHOOLED, GENTS One of the most original and important (not to mention just pants-down sexy) things to come out of San Francisco lately is Original Plumbing, the magazine started by Amos Mac and Rocco Katastrophe that celebrates trans men in all their glory, and some of their bedrooms. Mac, a photographer, and Katastrophe, a rapper, made our Hot Pink List in last year's Queer issue, and have been features in the New York Times. The quarterly OP is about to release its sixth issue -- it's a schoolboy themed wonderland of hotness -- and of course there's gonna be a big queer trans party tomorrow (Fri/11) to celebrate. Dress as a prep, jock, geek, gleek, career counselor, school marm, whatevs and scrawl across this blackboard we call life. Fri/11, 10 p.m., $6. Elbo Room, 647 Valencia, SF. www.elbo.com. Facebook info here.

>>4. THE MORNING AFTER, MINUS PORK PARTS It may seem a splurge at $17, and it's a heart-stopping fiesta of butter and garlic (comes with a salad though!), but the stuffed artichokes -- two large halves charred to tender, smoky perfection and stuffed with Dungeness crab and bay shrimp -- at Woodhouse Fish Co. is probably the perfect brunch for hungover pescetarians. 

>>5. HASHSHASHIN IS IN THE AIR Whether you hear it as a new track from the stellar Kosmische album by Bay Area rockers Lumerians, or as a techno chant with mondo video accompaniment by Demdike Stare: