5 Things: March 11, 2011

Did you make it into Street Thread's new photo book compilation?

>>SHE WANTS TO BE WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE For years Ariel Soto has been documenting her fashion finds found while hitting the streets of San Francisco on sfbg.com. She's finally compiled her satorial spreads into a book, and will be giving sneak peaks of it to the lucky trendoids that find their way to her photo show at Density tomorrow, from 7-9 p.m. We'll be in attendance to see if our off-shoulder velour onesie made it into her best-of pics – and of course, to check for Herald and Biko.

>>LEND A HAND Now that your East Coast relatives have been assured you're not washed out to sea floating on nothing but your bedroom door and trusty, humanized volleyball, you can turn your thoughts to the next item of business re: the Japanese tsunami disaster. That being how to help the earthquake and ensuing waves' survivors. Here's a good place to get started.

>>WITHOUT APPS WE'D BE RUNNING AROUND NAKED The proliferation of completely uneccesary apps – well to be calling it a problem would be giving excess technology too much creedence, so let's just saying it's fucking irritating. But seriously, this one is growing on us: swackett, which has taken the head scratching out of our daily what-do-I-wear conundrum.

Seesaw: sleek and stain-resistant

>>LARGE COFFEE WITH ROOM FOR CHILDREN We're tickled pink by some of the new cafes opening up around town (including Tell Tale Preserve Co.'s pop-up pastry-and-coffee-stop in Big Daddy's Antiques, Tell Tale Trunk Show). But then, we're old enough to walk into any patisserie in town and no one's gonna groan and roll their eyes. Not so for those under the age of eight! And so it for youngster's rights that we welcome the arrival of Seesaw, a stark Hayes Valley joint recently opened by a child psychologist that incorporates an airy, engaging play space into the cafe's floor plan. Parents (and those that don't mind youngsters dashing about during laptop time) can order a tasty sandwich and a cuppa from the joint's impressive tea menu and chill while their youngster attends one of Seesaw's convivial “brunches,” which focus on developing social awareness, grace, and friendship-building skills.

>>SHAKE IT, DWIGHT This Yello song from 1980 has been following us around to a bunch of different clubs lately -- from alternative hip-hop, to minimal techno, to soulful house, to new school vogue. Could it be the dance music version of "The Office," embodying a weird nostalgia for a faceless manufacturing and processing sector in a recession and outsource culture that's all but decimated it? Maybe, but it's still a jam.