5 Things: March 18, 2011

It's funny what the damp will grow, given a nice tin of human ash

>>ANTIQUING IN THE DAMP This rainy weekend may be the perfect time to check out Hayes Valley's new curiousity shop, Reliquary, holding it's grand opening party at 5 p.m. today. Toddle past after work (with your cutest brolly in tow, of course) to check out the shop's handmade Afghani dresses and antique Zippo lighters. Bonus: the shop's Tumblr tipped us off to amazing afterlife art: a photo series of the turquoise, pink, and cardinal mineral deposits that have grown off tins of cremated ashes found in the Oregon asylum where One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was filmed.

>>BIG ASS MOON Just when we finally found out what the back of that big pizza pie in the sky looked like, here it comes again to hit our eyes with it's closest and biggest showing in two decades -- this weekend's full moon is set to be a huge stunner

Hate to see you go, love to watch you leave

>>THE WEIRDEST SHOW IN TOWN Afrikaaner hip-hop freakouts Die Antwoord star in this short film in which they play animal-suited, wheelchair-bound, societally belittled, balloon-loving murderers. Of course. 

Wheelchairs: the new fixies?

>>o-O It had to happen sooner or later -- an entire drag show devoted to Oprah. AND it's actually a full comedy-drama, with music, lighting, ironic spiritual uplift, and probably some BBQ to boot. Suppositori Spelling and her merry band of sketchy queens has relocated their Sunday night dragstravaganza, Cocktailgate, from butch bar Truck to new big dance club Rebel. In honor of the move, they present OPRAH: THE DRAGSICAL, a one-time-only bonanza of something. Hie thee to 1760 Market at 10pm on Sun/19 and bring a tissue (or win a trip to Australia?).

>>PAWS ON DECK We were at City Hall for some politickin' the other dusk, but were momentarily derailed by this magnificent skateboarding bulldog in Civic Center Plaza. Sorry for the hootin' and hollerin' towards the end of the clip – completely unavoidable.

Yes, we started Youtube account just to post this.