5 Things: May 10, 2011

This Pigeonroof Studios yarn color is called "Bruise." Too bad there's no "Horrifically Mutilate" hue. (See Thing No. 1)

>>IF YOU WATCH ONE MOVIE THIS YEAR, DON'T LET IT BE THIS ONE Looking to revisit the magic that was 2009's cinematic syrup of ipecac – and looking for a fix for idle hands? Princess Animal, SF's sassiest eponymous yarn store owner, has lain down the gauntlet: whosoever shall craft the best human centipede shall receive a skein of locally-made Pigeonroof Studios “at only the cost of materials and your dignity.” 

>>FLOWER POWER Katie Bush makes digital and analog art, and this month she's showing work at two sites, Spunk Salon and The Lexington Club. The advance writeup for her show at the Lexington, "Mesmerizing Lady Parts," promises "a month-long detonation of flowering lady parts" and "militarized bouquets of church-resistant ovariangasms." The show runs through mid-June, and the opening is from 7 to 9 p.m. tonight, May 10.

Live from the Cadillac... 

>>GROWN FOLKS TUNES Kids these days with their hippity-hoppity and their Lady Gaga – take a break from the Tweets of the week and hone in on three shows that pay homage to the days when people were smarter than their cell phones (that didn't exist yet). Jazz Mafia will be playing their annual Stevie Wonder birthday tribute show not once, but twice, and over at the historic Cadillac Hotel, SF Recovery Theatre will be performing “A Night at the Black Hawk,” an original play that tells the story of artists at the Tenderloin's famous jazz club. The historical beat drops at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, and the public is free to attend.

>>WE OLOVE BLACKBERRIES It takes very little (cold snaps aside) to get us to fire up the grill. That being said, We Olive (a local gourmet shop that's one of our favorite stops when we make it over the Pac Heights hill to the Marina) has just given us the best reason of the season: a new, locally-produced balsamic blackberry vinegar fit to beat the band. Made from blackberry puree, the vinegar is light and tart and gets us in the mood for those purple-stained fingertips that are still a few months out. We Olive recommends it as a marinade for skate – we can see it dressing our arugula, or adding a sweet tang to some well-peppered grilled veggies. 

>>HERE'S HOPING THEY'RE KIND BUDS Spotted near AT&T Park. Apparently Budweiser has tapped into the Bay's Giants game refreshment of choice and wants to add its products to the pairing menu: