Queer Issue 2011: Scenes from the road

What does queer youth see? The artists from Roaddawgz respond.

Eager to include the voices of queer youth in our 2011 Queer Issue, we asked the artists at Roaddawgz, a Tenderloin homeless youth creative drop-in center, to submit art that addressed the realities of being young and queer today. Here's some selections from the amazing works they sent in:


Corner Skills

By Levi

Not all queers are queens... not that anything is wrong with it

I am the dude on the corna,

doin what I wanna.

Learnin to hone my skills.


A faggot such as me must learn to be an anomaly

moving through the crowds with no heads turnin

don't need some angry motha-fuckah burnin

want'n to teach me what a man should do when a bitch brother is in your presence


Gotta learn to blend and defend;

haftah strengthen my core and my soul

because nobody cares if ah gay boy goes. 


"Battle To Love" by King Virgo


Meat Market

By Levi

  I am a piece of meat and every man wants some.


  I walk to the grocery store in the heart of the Gayborhood and men look at me like I am a steak, posturing as if they can take a grab at me, put me in their shopping cart, whisk me away to their abode and after they have their dinner throw away the leftovers.


  I am the dark meat, the black meat, men shun in daylight but troll after at night. Wanting the swwweeeeettttt cream in the center. I am the boy they still wish to be, the youth they envy, the looks they wish they could hate... but don't. I am the homeless person that is hidden, who passes off as the moneyed and do my best not to look helpless because nothing is hotter for some men than sexploitation.


  I am a series of images, a composite. It's much easier to see me as an object, a sex toy, a piece of ass or dick. If they were faced with who I was, the juxtaposition would make them re-evaluate their whole view of me and make them wonder "Maybe he is a human?" 

"Bleeding Heart" by Lisa Myaf

"The View From Here" by Insomnia