Our bike falls in love

Bike graff: We can ride with that

Our bike spotted this super clean tag in the Lower Haight the other day. It was drawn to the piece not just for its subject matter (you know how bikes tend to stick with their own kind), but also because of the composition. Check those lines! Dynamic! Hot. It was in love. 

It's the work of Jaut Cares -- we told our bike -- who has been spraying two-wheelers around the Bay for a hot minute. Superlative local street art photography blog Endless Canvas has been tracking the artist since early last year, and Altar of Unanswered Prayers snapped a radtacular shot of a red, white, and blue number Jaut put up. 

Our bike didn't have much to say in response, just recommenced scouting around for the Macaframa minibike and anything/one ever featured on Erin from Calivintage's Bike + Babes blog. Fickle, fickle bici.

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