5 Things: August 30, 2011


>>A HURRICANE OF YIPS The great Chihuahua airlift of 2011 -- in which a planeload of unwanted West Coast pups were to be flown from L.A. to new homes on the East Coast (where "there is a demand for them"), dubbed "Operation: Chihuahua," has had to be delayed due to flight rescheduling around Hurricane Irene. But never fear small dog lovers (Chelsea gays)! Virgin is in the process of rescheduling what is surely the Saigon or Berlin airlift of our time, and even offering a "No Chuhuahua Left Behind" package -- "each ticket to Mexico booked by 11:59 p.m. Thursday will contribute $25 to support 'local dogs and future airlift flights.'"

>>24-HOUR VEGAN PIZZA ALERT! 24-HOUR VEGAN PIZZA ALERT! We've been really, really into vegan pizza lately here at the Guardian -- and while our old standby is a simple veggie minus cheese from neighborhood spot Goat Hill Pizza, we finally had a post-clubbing opportunity to experience newly revamped pie parlour DNA Pizza, conveniently located right next to party-central DNA Lounge itself. It's open 24 hours! It has lots of options! Best of all, there's an excellent vegan overload called "The Whole Damn Vegan Garden": spinach, basil, tomatoes, red onions, artichoke hearts, black olives, daiya vegan cheese, and bell pepper on some pretty great crust. No need to sink into dead grease after drinking at the goth party, y'all. 

>>RAISED VOICES A group from the San Francisco Girls Chorus will be singing and marching in protest today over the non-renewal of its longtime artist director, Dr. Susan McMane. The protestors, comprised of current singers and graduated alumnae, will meet at 5 p.m. at the San Francisco Opera House then sing-march to the San Francisco Girls Chorus building at 44 Page. McMane, who has been with the choir for over 10 years, learned in late July that her contract would not be renewed. The chorus is protesting for answers as to why this decision was made.

>>IF THE GLOVE FITS... Scene from last night's birthday tribute to MJ at Showdown, hosted by our Fist Fam buddies. We're still wearing ours today guys. It's making it really hard to type this.

Photo by Dennis Beckmann

>>LAST NIGHT A BJ SAVED MY LIFE No one on Earth has every maintained a daily video blog for four years -- besides BJ Dehut (disclaimer: this might not be true). We're kind of sorry to turn you onto the LA DJ and marketing consultant's deal because... well there goes the rest of your afternoon. Here, watch this one and try not to think of his 51 months of backlogged video weirdness, hip-hop, and 1950s knife-throwing mothers.