Paint on paint: Jessica Hess' luscious graf scenes come to White Walls


These paintings are the answer to your friends' endless Facebook albums of street art they discovered on vacation. Greece, Washington D.C., Lima -- look, people write on walls here too! Le sigh -- quality over quantity despite user-friendly upload options, please (unless you're Steve Rotman).

Jessica Hess -- whose work will be on display at White Walls starting Sat/3 -- creates captures that fight the point-and-click street art photo glut. Check out the Boston-based artist's paintings of scenes that she's a. found on her urban wanderings/as the title of her solo show suggests, found her on her urban wanderings or b. she's spray-painted in her head. Maybe c., a combination of the two, exist somewhere in there as well.

It's not the first time photo realistic paintings of graffiti have graced this city's gallery walls -- but something in Hess' take our breathe away. Maybe it's the particularly beaming quality of light in them, or just the thrill of seeing a familiar overpass or garage door rendered in fine art form. 

Hess also creates porcelain statues of aerosol paint cans -- and then paints graffiti designs on them! Does she use spray paint to do this? Totally messing with our heads. 


Jessica Hess: "It Finds You"

Through September 24

Opening reception: Sat/3 7-11 p.m., free

White Walls gallery

835 Larkin, SF


And SF is an art capitol.
I'm glad for this every day.

Posted by Harvey on Aug. 31, 2011 @ 11:27 am

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