Cover in pinot: Behind the scenes at the Beer and Wine photoshoot


I don't think I've ever seen anyone so covered in wine so early in the morning. Clearly, neither had cover model Diego's three-year old daughter, who I was hanging with during our photoshoot at Matthew Reamer's studio in the Mission for this week's Beer and Wine special issue

"Daddy!" She had a good point -- he was standing barefoot in a puddle of wine. Ever the conscientious dad: "Don't worry sweetie, it's grape juice!"

And so on. Diego -- who you can catch spinning reggae, hip-hop, and world around town as DJ Mr. Lucky -- actress Carolyn, and creative-of-all-trades Bayview native Tossie got a chance to experiment with the trajectory of wine last week at our 10 a.m. cover shoot call. That's real morning to be messing around with flying booze, but they'd pro'd out. Even our art director Mirissa got involved, high-kicking and air-punching Diego into the appropriate defensive posture. 

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