"Victorian Visions" at Vesuvio Cafe

A classic San Francisco image features the type of architecture that inspired "Victorian Visions."

Somewhere between a dollhouse and a photo portrait are the works of Brent Johnson and Jo Cyrus. Now on display (through Oct. 15) at North Beach's Vesuvio Café, the artists create 3-D renderings of the facades of San Francisco's trademark Victorian homes.

With meticulous attention to detail (as anyone who lives around here knows, no two Victorians are alike, with unique paint jobs, doorways, windows, ornamental additions, and architectural florishes), the pieces are made using reclaimed wood sourced from remodeling and restoration projects on actual, life-sized local Victorians. Swing by legendary beat haunt Vesuvio to check out the exhibit for a latte bowl-sized dose of San Francisco history, in miniature.

"Victorian Visions of San Francisco by Brent Johnson and Jo Cyrus"
Through Oct. 15
Vesuvio Café
255 Columbus, SF