Fire it up: Checking out works at this weekend's Ceramics Annual of America


Clay is one of the most expressive forms of art. It can be pushed and pulled and molded into any sort of creation -- given that the artist knows what they are doing, since clay can turn finicky in a flash. This weekend (Fri/7-Sun/9), the gigantic festival pavilion at Fort Mason will open its doors for the Ceramics Annual of America, which will be filled with a smorgasbord of wonderfully creative and delicate pieces of art, all hailing from the mediums of mud, fire, and glaze. I wandered around for almost two hours last night sucking on eye candy that ranged from intricate sculptures to modified pots that reminded me of sea creatures.

Two artists were especially memorable. If you end up at the show this weekend, make sure to scout them out. The first was Carmen Lang, whose sculptures ranged from doggies chilling on a mini couch to lovers wrapped up in a rather intimate embrace. Her choice in glazes was reminiscent of colors used in the 1960's, giving the pieces a vintage flair. The were cute, a bit silly, and I wanted to take one home.

And then there was the work by Gail Ritchie. Her pieces bring together birds and chairs and are pure whimsy -- they take you to a dream world. There, a girl holding an acorn is perched on the back of a docile pelican. An origami bird, stretching it's neck, sits on a chair made of “recycled materials” (it's all made of clay!). Ritchie's work is truly beautiful, and paired with her incredible talent as an artist, her pieces really got me fired up. 


Ceramics Annual of America

Fri/7-Sun/9, $10 one day/$20 weekend pass

Festival Hall, Fort Mason

Buchanan and Marina, SF