Live Shots: The Hula Show 2011 at Palace of Fine Arts


Images of chilling fog sweeping over the Golden Gate Bridge and a glowing sunset illuminating the Painted Ladies might not conjure thoughts of hula and Hawaii, but the Hula Show at the Palace of Fine Arts bridged that connection, bringing swaying hula hips to San Francisco in a unique aloha tribute to our fair city.

All the classic Hawaiian moves were there, with a twist of Bay Area flair -- plus some Arabic chanting, Hindi ragga, New York house music, and even a cheeky tribute to Lady Gaga. A heart-stoppingly lovely performance of the classic Frank Sinatra song "Somethin' Stupid," a wholly enthralling Mexican-tinged hula solo, and a dance in honor of the Dungeness crab (performed with snappy aplomb by the warrior-like male members of the company) proved the full range of the graceful Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu dancers. They flashed genuine, welcoming smiles when dancing; it was clear that they were having fun, and their easy island spirit wafted down from the stage. With live musicians giving rhythm to the dancers movements, a breath of fresh Hawaiian breeze didn't seem all that far away. See them this coming weekend if you have the chance, and partake of the global island spirit.

The Hula Show 2011
Through Oct. 23
Palace of Fine Arts Theater
Tickets $35/$45