Style Paige: Crushing on velvet

Kaz paired a brown velvet blazer with a button-up and cardigan.

At Otis Lounge on a Thursday night when the bar's eclectic crowd was enjoying the mellow party atmosphere, Kaz walked in with a quiet confidence. Dressed in a white button-up shirt, a cardigan sweater and a blazer, he said he was ready for a drink.

I complimented his outfit.

“Why thank you,” he said.

What I adored most was his blazer, which was a brown velvet material. Yes, men often wear blazers, but the velvet blazer is a novel entry on the fall fashion scene. You would think that such an eye-catching piece would only be fitting when attending a formal dinner (maybe in Vegas), but paired with a simple button-up -- or even colored denim pants, the velvet blazer can be dressed up or down. It is sleek, polished and if styled correctly, effortless. Not stiff like tuxedo blazers, it often looks more expensive than its price tag.  

Of course department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom sell velvet sportcoats by brands like Dolce and Gabbana and Paul Smith, but you may be able to find a jacket with the same modern cut at half the price at Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads Trading Co. – if you don’t mind digging through the racks. 

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