Live Shots: The Guardian's 45th Anniversary Happy Hour


On Thursday November 3rd the Guardian family descended upon Buck Tavern to toast 45 years of "Printing the News and Raising Hell." The cadre included current and former staffers, as well as SF politicos and friends of the Guardian from over the years. While Chris Daly and his staff kept busy slinging stiff drinks and setting out yummy snacks, the Guardian family was aglow in celebrating four and half decades of representing San Francisco values. Hip Hip Hooray! 

[Photos by Ariel Soto-Suver] 


mom jeans for the ladies, and Che Guevara pendants for the men.

Posted by Chromefields on Nov. 10, 2011 @ 11:45 am

you couldn't make it. ;-(

Posted by marke on Nov. 10, 2011 @ 11:53 am

was sprayed over the fossils in order to preserve them.

Posted by Chromefields on Nov. 10, 2011 @ 11:41 am

Marke's not old and Caitlin isn't either. But everyone else is getting up there. Steven still looks good and with his body I wouldn't kick him out of bed. Biking certainly has its benefits.

Posted by guest on Nov. 10, 2011 @ 12:17 pm