Style Paige: That's tights


Modeling knit tribal print leggings and an oversized sweater with the cutest German shepherd on the front, this young woman was surprised when I asked to take a picture of her modish outfit. She shouldn't have been shocked I wanted to document it -- talk about your ideal look for the rainy weather in downtown San Francisco.

That effortless, comfortable look. I have to admit, I was jealous. Her brown, turquoise, and beige leggings were amazing.

I’ve been spotting tribal print leggings everywhere from Urban Outfitters-style one-stop shopping outlets to vintage stores, and as a person who is obsessed with the things, I’m surprised I haven't purchased a pair yet. Leggings are winter-warm comfortable, stretchy, and easy to style. Throw on an oversized sweater or a denim shirt, and voila! 

It's easy when it's cold and rain threatens to ravage your look to throw fashion sense right out the window, but look at this photo -- the weather should be no excuse. You can dress temperature-appropriate, be comfortable, and still look like that fashion sun god is smiling down on you.