Last-minute gifts: Dick Vivian Mix CD, $10

Photo by Mirissa Neff


Need an 11th hour gift idea? Want to shop local and support Bay Area-owned businesses? Here's a present that's sure to please your music-loving loved ones...

ROOKY RICARDO'S: There is perhaps nothing more happy than a man with soul in his heart, as anyone who watches the YouTube video entitled "Dick Vivian cuttin' the rug at Rooky's!" can attest. Vivian is the owner and spiritual embodiment of the venerable Lower Haight record store, which he stocks with real-cheap 45s, vintage camera equipment, and a passel of witty lapel pins and magnets.

For real holiday majick, however, one must turn to Vivian's lovingly-crafted mix CDs. There they sit, 10 bucks a pop with witty, retro-recreation packaging, a wonderland of '60s soul, girl bands, and more. Many of the tracks, Vivian will attest, have never been captured in CD form before. Do you have a dad who still digs on the funky sounds of his youth? A buddy who is never more happy than when she's doing the twist? You friend, have struck shopping list gold.

448 Haight, SF. (415) 864-7526,

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