Live Shots: 'Yes Sweet Can' at Dance Mission Theater


Sweet Can Productions puts on a gonzo circus show, but with a focus on quotidien, real-world concerns. For its upcoming “Yes Sweet Can” show, running for over two weeks at Dance Mission Theater, the performance is inspired by everyday chores -- and actually makes them seem like fun.

Cleaning can be a blast, apparently, and making a cup of hot chocolate -- while balancing a pot of hot milk on your head, of course -- can also be rather exciting. The performers' talents as acrobats are obvious, their flexibility undeniable. Whenever I see them do those super-exaggerated back bends, I always think “Man, that must feel sooo good!

The storyline at moments can seem a little vague, but that didn't really seem to matter since the show is always moving forward (sometimes actually flying forward) with aerial feats, high up in the rafters of the theater.

"Yes Sweet Can" by Sweet Can Productions
Dance Mission Theater
3316 24th Street
Thru Jan 1, check website for times and prices