Style Paige: Caplet cute


While walking down Valencia Street towards 19th Street, I stopped Erica because she was just too caplet cute. Her camel colored jacket paired with a black long-sleeve top (and how could you miss those worn in brown vintage boots) was a picture-worthy outfit.

Erica’s jacket, with a pleated upper cape design, defined her waist and was accented with gold snap buttons. I especially loved how she accessorized her outfit with a round top hat that drew attention to her baby doll bob haircut. You don’t see too many women sporting the caplet jacket, but its unique shape and batwing sleeves can be flattering on all body types. From Michael Kors to Forever 21, you can find a wool-blend caplet jacket for a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a unique winter jacket – especially if your closet is full of simple leather coats and trench coats – the caplet look is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. You’ll look high fashion and deliciously seasonal, and maybe even feel a bit British. 



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