In brief: 5 things you did not know about Coral Reefer


In my Herbwise marijuana column in this week's Guardian, I wrote about my epic meeting with a one Coral Reefer, 23-year old Twitter queen and self-styled cannabis activist (whose infamous shots of herself smoking a bejeweled bong in the nude may or may not have contributed to her popularity). When the deadline smoke had cleared, however, much remained to be said about this living, thriving Reefer. Below, some dense nuggets of well-crystalled wisdom about the smoking savant.


1. She was born in the Virgin Islands, but her parents fled when Hurricane Hugo hit. She has never owned a passport.

2. She decided to create her own website when she realized TwitPic technically owned all the photos she was posting on Twitter. 

3. She was on "Weed Wars" episode No. 2 (briefly -- she's the bleached blonde in the denim shorts with her back to the camera @42:00. Watch the show all the way through though, mainstream media portrayal of Oakland's Harborside Health Center, really interesting stuff)

4. She embellished her Hello Kitty bong herself, but now think it is evil: “I loved that bong, but it was just so fickle.”

5. Her grandmother, Mrs. China, was well known for her weed brownies, and raised cannabis herself: “I have a picture of her with the leaf of the plant that she grew. Finding out about my family history just made this seem right.”

Check out the Stoney Sunday webcasts, Reefer's personal site, or her current events hub News Nug

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