Live Shots: New Fire at Brava Theatre


Stirring together a mix of contemporary theater and actual traditional ceremonies, New Fire (which opened last night and runs through Jan. 29) is a play that gives its audience insight into the beautiful world of Indigenous American culture. 

The performance attempts to show how ancient ceremonies are relevant in today's modern society, especially in a world with so much suffering. There is wonderful live music, video montages, dancing, and a trouble-making Coyote, that is always getting herself into mischief. The Brava Theater is celebrating 25 years of women's theater and this play, by Cherríe Moraga, is a perfect way to commemorate two-and-a-half decades of female-fueled creativity on stage.


Jan. 11-29, $10-$30

Brava Theater

2781 24th St., SF.


I'm sure it's an amazing spectacle, I hope I'll get the chance to see it soon myself, our community needs this kind of activities, they entertain us and distract us from our daily problems. It would be refreshing.

Posted by FEMA on Mar. 18, 2013 @ 9:13 am