There's no crying in football...


It was the crying jag seen round the world. With seconds left in last Saturday's divisional playoff game 49ers tight end (and Guardian cover model) Vernon Davis caught the game-winning touchdown, kept the Niners' Super Bowl hopes alive, and ran headlong into the arms of coach Jim Harbaugh while bawling his eyes out.

While the touchdown incited hysteria at Candlestick, Vernon's "man tears" left many a couch quarterback verklempt (or at least with something "stuck" in their eye). This fan video captured the drama at the stadium:

This isn't the first time that Vernon's cried openly on the field. And he's far from the first 49er to do so... check out this eerily similar last-second playoff TD followed by Terrell Owens' teary display back in 1998:

But there was something different about this particular jag. Something that spoke to a feeling of destiny about this season, and the sense that disappointment need not reign supreme at The Stick. Maybe, just maybe things could be different this time around. 

The season's 13 wins never seemed to be enough to override the pundits' doubts about the Niners. And on Saturday, as the Saints erased their lead in last minutes of the game it seemed the naysayers were about to be proven right.

Yet once Vernon shed those tears it was clear the 49ers had truly arrived. And with this Sunday's game against the NY Giants they have the chance to lay to rest any doubt of their elite status. As a native New Yawker I'll be happy with either team going to the Super Bowl... but on behalf of the SF Bay Guardian staff: GO NINERS!



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