Live Shots: The old-timey escapades of the Edwardian Ball


The Edwardian Ball, thrown by Rosin Coven and the Vau de Vire Society, never fails to amaze — and absinthe-addled though we were, we managed to take in all the sights, from petticoats a-plenty to splendid corsetry to handsome haberdashery from an era gone by.

Despite the fact that stunning vintage apparel has come to be expected, the Edward Gorey-inspired event — now in its 12th year — is anything but old hat.

Between the World’s Faire, the Vendor Bazaar, and the ball itself, organizers of the old-timey escapade had plenty to add: midway games, an artist lineup that included a neo-Victorian hip-hop time-traveler and his dancing gorilla, a carousel of bikes by Cyclicide, Gorey-themed puppetry, plus freakshow performers with tricks that were anything but same-old. Forget slipping doller bills into your sideshow gal’s panties, and think staple-gunning fivers to her tongue. Strictly period? Not exactly. But lots of fun — for the audience, at least.


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