5 bathrooms we'd consider renting

Browse the wonders on the salesfloor at antique store Viracocha -- just don't forget to check out its john as well.

In a city with so many artistically adept individuals, perhaps it’s only natural for great design to extend to the toilet. Here’s a list of five bathrooms around town you’ll want to squat in for a while.


Viracocha’s bathroom pretty much has everything you need for long-term survival -- a Victorian shower, the most comfortable chair of your life, interesting art, beautiful flowers, and there’s a kitchen right outside the door. Yeah, this place is definitely nicer than our apartment. 

998 Valencia, SF. www.viracochasf.com

Dear Mom

I’m mostly referencing Dear Mom’s women’s restroom, although the men’s room is charming too. Imagine your grandmother took all of the photos of herself, your mom, and your aunts circa the 1960s out of her albums and taped them around a large vintage mirror (which we know she’d never do), and then hammered a lot of skinny pieces of wood with varying finishes into the adjacent wall (which she’d definitely never do).

2700 16th St., SF. (415) 625-3362, Facebook: Dear Mom


Show me another restroom with labels of Stolichnaya adhered to the same wall as Christian icons. Mind you, we were drunk off Anchor pints when we discovered this magical peeing spot, but we maintain the hazy, old-timey green and orange-collaged walls encourage the inter-drink space-out.  

255 Columbus, SF. (415) 362-3370, www.vesuvio.com

Flour + Water

With a view of crustaceans, seashells, porous rocks, and various skeletal matter purposely placed in an intricately compartmentalized bookshelf, you probably won’t feel compelled to pull out your iPhone on this pot, unless you're trying to Instagram your surroundings.

2401 Harrison, SF. (415) 826-7000, www.flourandwater.com

Four Barrel

Featuring a chandelier, black wallpaper covered in delicate gold trees, and wooden countertops, Four Barrel’s john blends elegance with rustic simplicity. 

375 Valencia, SF. (415) 252-0800, www.fourbarrelcoffee.com