Pop-Up Magazine is back with issue six

It's indeed live.

There are so many creative concepts and winning events every week in San Francisco, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Let me make this easy for your muddled brain waves: you should go to Pop-Up Magazine. The organizers just now tweeted the date of the sixth issue – April 25, at Davies Symphony Hall – and the date tickets go on sale, which is next Tuesday, April 3.

For those who've yet to attend, it's a live format feature magazine that pops up for one night and includes different writers and artists presenting totally new ideas and concepts in creative presentations. And it was a Best of the Bay winner in 2010, an Editor's Pick for "Best Gazette Refresher."

The event – which happens a couple of times a year in San Francisco – is a must for anyone interested in media, arts, writing, film, photography, and/or radio. It features a rotating, shifting mix of contributors to The New Yorker, This American LifeAll Things Considered, Mother Jones, Wired, and National Geographic, and more.

With so much documentation going on in our everyday lives, and in particular at large Bay Area events, it's a refreshing change of pace (especially for me) – there are no audience cameras allowed inside, you may not record, do not press play. Just sit back and enjoy.

Over the course of several of the events I've learned weird new facts and been enthralled with earnest stories about turkey vultures, crazed sports fanatics, mapping infographics, sign spinners, ping-pong, surfers, Asian fetishists, fake bellies for expectant pops, and a teenage message in a bottle (love you, Starlee Kine).

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