Live Shots: 'Fart of Gold,' Home Theater Festival


“Make sure to get a spot towards the back of the room,” I told Sam Love as we made our way to Dana Street Theater on Berkeley. “Philip's shows often involve things and sometimes liquids flying.” And I was right. There was some definite yam peeling, neti-pot-pouring, and chair-flying moments sprinkled throughout the show. Did I mention that we were in Philip's bedroom?

“That's the whole point, honey!” Philip told me.

The Home Theater Festival is an opportunity for actors and artists to perform and showcase their work, including GOLDIE winner Philip Huang's "Fart of Gold" -- and it's all done from the comfort of their own home. Now in its third year, the Home Theater Festival concept has taken off as an alternative for performers who can't afford a professional venue, and is happening all over the world.
The evening started with some seriously hilarious story telling by Cassandra Gorgeous (the topic was really too intimate to talk about... go see her perform yourself!), followed by Philip and his director, Theo Knox, taking us through an evening of mini-shows, ranging from alien-butoh to a dance performance by a character with limited arm movement, at which point the dude sitting next to me exclaimed, “Boy, this is soo uncomfortable to watch,” as tears of joy streamed down his face.
The Home Theater Festival runs until June 3rd, and "Fart of Gold" runs Friday and Saturday night. Don't miss the weirdness. It's good for you.

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