In their words: Oakland locals from this week's Guardian cover

Matthew Reamer/Mirissa Neff

This week, the Guardian examines the issue of whether San Francisco is experiencing a cultural and economic exodus to the East Bay, especially Oakland. Our cover features creative folks from all over Oakland proper. They were asked the question "Is Oakland cooler than San Francisco?" and in return we got some pretty surprising answers (though, spoiler alert: the general consensus was "Hell Yes!"). Have a listen to their responses...

(Photos by Matthew Reamer)


Ali "Chief Saba" Ar Rasheed, Business Manager Easy Bay Dragons Motorcycle Club
"People often call Oakland 'gritty' compared to San Francisco... what I think they actually mean is more working-class."


Adam Hatch, Owner Hatch Gallery/Co-founder Starline Project
"San Francisco is a visually appealing city but as far as where I'd want to live it's Oakland."



HOTTUB, Disco/Rap band (Clockwise from left: Jaysonik, Ambreezy, Lolipop, Funky Finger Mark, and CoCo Machete)
"Oakland in some ways is overshadowing San Francisco because artists can afford to live here," Jaysonik.

Austin Barber, Guitarist and vocalist for Saviours
"I've always been more attracted to Oakland, mostly because of the music."


Jessica Hobbs, Co-founder Flux Foundation
"I've found more openness to the art that I do... San Francisco is kind of a pain in the butt!"


Tanya Holland, Chef and Owner, Brown Sugar Kitchen/B-Side BBQ
"You actually know your neighbors which is a different experience than I had in San Francisco."


Alfonso Dominguez, Architect/Owner Tamarindo Restaurant and Era Art Bar and Lounge
"It's like comparing apples and pomegranates."


Sam Strand, Artist/Co-founder Starline Project
"It's a little rougher... but the fight is what makes it cooler. It's like Detroit."


Tyranny Allen, CEO of Marketing Kings
"We've got a lot more going on in Oakland. It's the ultimate place to be in the Bay Area."

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