Pre-boarding call: Jorge De Hoyos’s “Departing Things”


In the last few years, Los Angeles–born and San Francisco–based dancer-choreographer Jorge De Hoyos has worked with Sara Shelton Mann and Meg Stuart, traveled with Keith Hennessy’s Turbulence project, performed in Laura Arrington’s supersized SQUART marathon at Headlands Center for the Arts, and much, much more — including projects by Christine Bonansea, Sommer Ulrickson, Erika Chong Shuch Performance Project, Jesse Hewit/Strong Behavior, Pearl Marill/Pump Dance Theater, Naked Empire Bouffon Company, and Jenny McAllister. You may also have been one of the 25 or so lucky souls who traipsed after him in Golden Gate Park when he and Macklin Kowal went about in delirious Euro-drag for Bonjour le matin.

The guy has been everywhere. But his own work has been only sparingly seen since STICK, his intense debut, which premiered at the old Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory’s back in 2009. What has shown up here and there since then has continued to be very intriguing, though, including a short piece De Hoyos put up for one night as a guest artist alongside Miguel Gutierrez, during the three-night run last summer at the Garage of the New York choreographer’s solo, Heavens What Have I Done. De Hoyos’s memorably spare and freshly intelligent contribution was reportedly a bit of fast work, and one De Hoyos says had its limitations for him. If that’s the case, it makes one all the more eager to see what he does with more time and exploration.
This weekend comes just such an opportunity as De Hoyos premieres Departing Things, a work made in close collaboration with fellow dancers Emily Leap and Kevin O’Connor.

This is an evolving but already advanced and, according to De Hoyos, very intense and special collaboration. A "performance experiment" he calls it. Subtitled “an ambitious dance of constant departures,” it’s also a pretty apt theme given this is one of the last chances to see this distinctive and restless young artist before he flies off for the summer to Europe and Russia for more gigs with Hennessy and Shelton Mann, respectively.

Departing Things
Sat/14-Sun/15, 8pm, $10-$20
975 Howard, SF

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