Fixie freaks, this weekend's for you

Biker Matt Reyes gets gnarly at last year's Ride + Style

If riding fixed gear bikes on BMX-style ramps and structures sounds like something you'd think up after a half-case of energy drink, take heart oh palpitation pal -- it was in fact dreamed up by Red Bull. Also, you'll be able to check out the absolute chaos on Thu/26 and Sat/28 sans worries of smashing your own over-caffinated brain box all over the asphalt.

Oh yes, this is the Red Bull Ride + Style event, the second year of the taurine queen's atypical sport biking event. I checked it out last year and was blown away not only by the fact that competitors were catching air on their fixed gears, but also by the art -- the main event's structures were tricked out by some of SF's finest illustrators. This year, Apex, Jet Martinez, Chor Boogie, and Max Ehrman will try their hand at beautifying the madness.

One thing that's different about this year's festivities is that it would appear that a year has stoked the interest of more riders -- 2012 will feature a qualifying event on Thu/26 at Mezzanine that will serve as gauntlet for those looking to flip about Justin Herman Plaza on Saturday. 

Track qualifying heats

Thu/26 7pm-midnight, free


444 Jessie, SF

Red Bull Ride + Style

Sat/28 noon-6pm, free

Justin Herman Plaza

Market and Embarcadero, SF


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