Sure cure for election burnout? Watch this video of activist kids summer camp

Sleepaway to change the world.

So what if the most popular adjective to describe this week's election was "adorable"? By all accounts, we have a generation on the up with the vigor and verve to right all the atrocities ours has committed in regards to social justice, sustainable food systems, fossil fuel dependence, etc. At least, such is the impression given by the promo video sent to us by Youth Empowered Action Camps, a project started by activist Nora Kramer in the hopes of providing a safe, fun place for kids to find their cause. Wanna see hope, encapsulated? Keep going for the video and more info on raddest summer camp ever.

Last year, we interviewed Kramer about her motivation for starting the YEA camps, which will take place this summer in Portland, Northern California and -- new for 2012! -- New Jersey. Said Kramer:

Sometimes kids who care or speak up about environmental or other issues are made fun of or criticized and get discouraged. I feel like our world is facing so many challenges, and we need to bring youth together with like-minded peers and adults to support them in taking action so they can bring about the world they want to see. If there can be successful summer camps for kids who like volleyball or theater or play the violin, why not for youth who want to make the world a better place?

YEA kids get to hang out with other conscientious young ones (ages 12 to 17), snack on delicious vegan foods, and develop action plans to take into the school year. What kind of action plans, you ask? Past campers have created anti-bullying and recycling programs in their schools, held birthday fundraisers for Planned Parenthood -- even started a bakery that sells animal product-free wedding cakes

Scholarships are available for low-income youth. Spaces are still open for summer 2012, so grab the nearest rad teenager and sign them up.

Youth Empowered Action Camp (Northern California)

July 21-28, $950

Venture Retreat Center

Pescadero, Calif.